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G-Quan is a dancer, poet, rapper and actor who is passionate about supporting people to unlock their inner creativity. 

He specializes in teaching Hip Hop dance, including different dance styles, like: waving, popping, tutting, isolations, top rock, ground work for breakdancing, and physical conditioning.

Developing rappers learn skills of articulation, rhyme schemes, and writing lyrics with a message.

Whether beginning, or accomplished, artists of all types can benefit from honing their memorization, rhythm, musicality, and stage presence.


Being an artist and dancer is hard work mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

You have to train your body to move. You need to constantly learn new things, and develop mental strength and resilience. You need to quickly memorize choreography or lyrics. To get good at something you love, you practice discipline and commitment, and regulate your emotions.  You learn to work well with others. All this develops confidence and teaches you to invest in yourself and move towards your goals. 

A beloved mentor of youth for the past 15 years, G-Quan excels at helping a person connect with their artistry as a vehicle for becoming their best self.


While in high school, G-Quan co-founded the Greatest Common Factor (GCF) Dance Group, as a way to bring together diverse peers in the common love for Hip Hop dance.

Now as an adult and teacher, G-Quan has seen that many youth idolize the various art forms of Hip Hop, but don’t have a connection to the people or culture that it comes from.

“G” (as he’s called by his students)  has a way of sharing the history and vibrant culture of Hip Hop in a way that uplifts youth development and weaves community, so kids feel they belong to something, and parents see their young people shine. 

G-Quan says “In the urban arts, it’s the rhythm that unites us.” 


How you can work with “G”: 

Private Lessons 

Feel awkward dancing and want to dance as if nobody is watching?

Idolize Hip Hop but don’t know how to learn the moves?

Hoping to kill it on the dance floor at your wedding or other events?

Want your young person to explore Hip Hop with a mentor dedicated to bringing out the best in youth through the arts?

Work with G-Quan one-on-one to reach these goals, and have fun.

You can take lessons weekly or bi-weekly, and you pay for a month in advance. Intensives can also be arranged to devise choreography and/or get you polished for a performance. 

Contact “G” through the form below to get started. 

Group Dance Classes 

G-Quan just moved back to the area around Ithaca, NY, so he hasn’t had time to organize group classes yet.

In the past, he has offered 

  • Hip Hop Foundations
  • Hip Hop Shape Fitness Classes
  • “Funky as you wanna be” for folks who feel they don’t (yet)
    have rhythm, or feel confident in their moves
  • Advanced Hip Hop 

Send an email using the form below and G-Quan will let you know when the next round of classes is announced.

Let’s connect!

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G-Quan Booker

G-Quan Booker

G-Quan is a dancer, poet, rapper and actor.  Through his work as a teacher of Hip Hop Arts, he has provided guidance to many youth in the upstate New York region as well as during his 6 months in Thailand. G-Quan is one of the founders of the Hip Hop group GCF (which stands for “Greatest Common Factor”). In the past few years, G-Quan has taught at the Community Unity Music Education Program, Jillian’s Drawers, The Finger Lakes Residential Center, as well at the Auburn Public Theater and Wells College.  Most recently, he works with youth in the After School program at Southside Community Center, a historical center of the vibrant Black neighborhood that was part of the Underground Railroad in Ithaca, NY. 

G-Quan believes the arts are the most effective way for him to bring people together across differences to co-create what Martin Luther King termed “Beloved Community.”

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